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Slow Juicer vs. High Speed Juicer

13 Nov

That juicing is a trend way to lose weight you may already know. Many Hollywood stars have been attributing their lean waist and flat belly to juicing. But aside from being helpful when it comes to getting the perfect body figure, juicing has many other great advantages. For example, it is an effective, harmless and safe method of fasting.

Fasting is not purely a religious thing; many choose to practice fasting to detox their body from toxins. Consuming only juices made of fresh produce is a great way to remove harmful toxins from the body as well as to boost the immune system.


With juice fast it is totally possible to go over a normal day, which not happen when water-fasting. But before you start a juice fast, you will need to get a quality juicer to help you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. There is a variety of juices available in the market for you to choose from, but the most common ones are the slow juicer Continue reading


Read Our Buying Tips Before You Select A Cooktop For Your Kitchen

29 Sep

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so is the cooktop the heart of the kitchen. It is the gas cooktop one of the essential kitchen appliance in the modern Australian kitchen. If you enjoy homemade healthy food, you best know how important is to choose a decent gas cooktop.

Hassle-free and, cost-efficient and safe cooking are the three most important features a cooktop should provide. However, not all the cooktops for sale you’ll find on the market provide convenient and reliable cooking experience. For this reason, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of selecting the right gas cooktop to match your kitchen and cooking style, among the sea of cooktops for sale the Australian market is flooded with.

kitchen-cooktops Continue reading

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