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Foods and Supplements That Help Manage the Changes During Menopause

13 Sep

Menopause can be defined as the period during which the menstruation and fertility of a woman come to an end. This usually happen 12 moths after the last menstruation. For most women this transitioning period begins in their 40s or 50s, but some can enter menopause earlier as well, usually in tier mid 30s. While this is a natural process and not a health problem, all the physical and physiological changes that occur during menopause can have a major influence of the health of women. Menopause symptoms may vary from one women to another, but the most common ones include insomnia, depression, mood swings, headaches and hot flashes. They happen due to decline of hormone levels, most notably of estrogen and progesterone. Continue reading


Xylitol Powder: An Ideal Alternative to Sugar

15 Dec xylitol

While sugar is an essential energy for your brain, it is not so good for the other parts of your body. With more people becoming aware of the harmful effects sugar has on the human body, the interest towards alternatives to sugars has increased a lot.

The problem with that is, among the many sugar alternatives available in the market, are the artificial sweeteners. These contain harmful additives that can be even worse to your health and wellbeing. So, how do you know which path to take? Xylitol powder is a great way to follow.

xylitol Continue reading

What Benefits Can One Reap When Using Chemical Free Face Products

21 Sep

Women all around the world would agree that cosmetics are as essential to us as the air we breathe. Make up, foundation, bath products and many other cosmetic pleasantries that we use everyday are usually good quality products that help us boost our personal appearance and self-esteem. But is their declared quality and high price a valid argument in favour of buying them, or we should ask for something more?

Fresh clear healthy skin on the face of beautiful woman

Our skin absorbs everything we put on it. And even the priciest cosmetics contain a significant amount of harsh chemicals and damaging toxins. Once the skin absorbs them, they are very likely to cause clogged pores, premature aging of the skin and other serious irritations, and are extremely hard to get rid of. The face is the most exposed and delicate part of the skin, therefore we should be extremely attentive when applying something on it, and always tend to use organic, chemical free face products. Continue reading

Yoga Block: How to Choose the Best

8 Mar

Why is a yoga block one of the necessary props when practicing yoga at home or in a yoga studio? The answer is because it is specially designed to support the body when doing different yoga postures. If you are a beginner and you are wondering which yoga block will be your ideal option, we urge you to take time reading our suggestions that you might find useful when choosing the right size, weight and structure of your yoga block.

Yoga Bricks

When browsing through online stores you can see that there is a vast array of options for yoga blocks, but we recommend you to purchase one of the three main options- cork, wood or foam yoga block.

Let’s see what each of them features and the difference in prices.

Cork yoga block- the unisex option

What is important to know about cork yoga blocks? They are a great option if you want to leave them at home when traveling abroad (even though their weight is not to heavy and not too light) and they come in one colour only. Another important feature related to this type of yoga blocks is that they are extremely durable, they won’t lose their shape nor can get easily nicked or scratched. You can freely move around on the yoga mat with them especially when practicing the supine postures, plus their structure allows you to rest your head on them without feeling discomfort. Besides all the great features there is one thing you might not like about the cork yoga blocks. And what is it? Well, if you have a tendency to sweat a lot, after a certain amount of time your cork block will absorb the sweat and it will start to smell a bit strange and you’ll feel uncomfortable using it.

Foam yoga block- the best-seller option

Foam blocks are the most common and the most affordable type of the variety of options on the market. They are lightweight, which makes them easy to pack and to carry around and have very affordable prices. Browsing through web pages you can find a vast range of colours of foam yoga blocks that can match with your other yoga props and of course, your preferences. They have a versatile use and offer great comfort when practicing different yoga postures. Many reputable sites offer foam blocks in several sizes, all in all, to accommodate every body type. But keep in mind that foam blocks can vary in sturdiness and quality, and most of them are not environmentally friendly.

Wood yoga block- the heavier and the priciest option

This type of yoga prop is considered to be the heaviest option of all. And not only that but blocks made of wood are, at the same time, hard to rest on them, heavy if you want to take them with you when attending your yoga classes or when traveling to another place and they can scratch and nick within time. Besides all the above-mentioned features if you are interested in buying them you have to know that their price is the highest compared to the other options.

Slow Juicer vs. High Speed Juicer

13 Nov

That juicing is a trend way to lose weight you may already know. Many Hollywood stars have been attributing their lean waist and flat belly to juicing. But aside from being helpful when it comes to getting the perfect body figure, juicing has many other great advantages. For example, it is an effective, harmless and safe method of fasting.

Fasting is not purely a religious thing; many choose to practice fasting to detox their body from toxins. Consuming only juices made of fresh produce is a great way to remove harmful toxins from the body as well as to boost the immune system.


With juice fast it is totally possible to go over a normal day, which not happen when water-fasting. But before you start a juice fast, you will need to get a quality juicer to help you get the most out of your fruits and vegetables. There is a variety of juices available in the market for you to choose from, but the most common ones are the slow juicer Continue reading

Hearing Aids Can Improve Sensorineural Deafness

21 Oct

A vital role in the transferring of the sounds from the outer ear to the brain has the inner ear. It is in fact the auditory nerve that connects the ear to the brain. This means that the inner ear is a vital part of the auditory organ, and that any damage of this part certainly interferes with the hearing ability. In many cases the damage of the inner ear results in hearing loss. The hearing loss which happens as a result of damaging this part of the auditory system in medicine is defined as sensorineural deafness.

Sensorineural Deafness Continue reading

Male Pattern Baldness: Diagnosis & Treatment Options

30 Sep

Nowadays more and more people are handling with baldness and losing their hair in a certain period of age. Male pattern baldness is usually caused bu genetic predisposition and hormones. Each hair of the head grows for about two to six years, stays for a short time and then falls out. After that, a new hair begins to grow. Each hair sits in a cavity in the skin of the head named a follicle. Baldness in men happens when these follicles shrink, resulting in finer and shorter hair. Usually, a new hair should grow back, but this not happens with men whose follicle are shrinking. Is not well understood why all this happens, but many studies shown that is closely related with male sex hormones and genes.


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