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Explaining the Features and Benefits of the Mortgage Broker Career

23 May Mortgage Broker Career

Want to work in the field of mortgage brooking, but lack the necessary information to make the final decision? Well, let me help you decide whether this is the right career choice for you by sharing with you some essential information about the ever-changing mortgage industry and the mortgage broker career in particular. Let’s first define what exactly is a mortgage broker? In most simple terms, brokers act as middleman between borrowers and potential lenders. They work on behalf of their clients with different banks with the main goal to find the right mortgage lender who provides the terms and rates that best suit the specific financial situation of the client.

Mortgage Broker Career


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Factors to Keep in Mind When Using SMSF Loans to Buy Property

22 Mar

Running your own super fund means that you have the flexibility to invest in many different types of property including residential, industrial and commercial assets. Making property investments through your SMSF comes with a lot of advantages. For once you would have to pay a lot less taxes for your SMSF property than you would for any other type of properties that you own outside of your super fund. Also when the property is purchased through SMSF lending you won’t be obliged to pay tax on capital gains or rent once your super fund enters the pension phase. Before you start investing in property it’s important to make a great investment strategy that would meet your financial goals.

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Do Not Make These Mistakes When Setting Up An SMSF

26 Jan

Retirement in Australia SMSF

There is no gain without risk. That’s simply how these things go in life. It’s better to risk and invest while you are young and enjoy when you are in retirement. The best way to double your money over the years is to set up your own superannuation fund. To avoid mistakes, learn how the whole process goes. Setting up an smsf is not as simple as you think. You are your own boss, which means you will have to develop a good investment strategy to double the money you have invested in this fund. There is no room for mistakes. Every financial decision you take will have an impact on your superannuation fund. You are one step away from a worry-free financial future. Let’s see what you are not suppose to do when setting up an smsf. Continue reading

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