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4WD Essentials: the Most Popular 2017 Colorado Accessories

20 Jun colorado accessories

4WD vehicles are a special breed made to be driven around town but most importantly out in the wild. Having one like Holden’s Colorado series is the most Aussie thing when it comes to the off-roading world. Sure it was first introduced as an SUV and it is still by some standards, but the 4WD is still here which means that like any other 4WD out there it needs a set of necessary equipment. These accessories are not the most important ones but they sure do help in situations and places you’d least expect. Continue reading


Reasons to Buy an Aftermarket Exhaust System With Dump Pipes

3 Jun dump pipe

It’s common knowledge within the tuning and gearhead communities that most cars are over-engineered, yet have many inefficiencies put in place in order to restrict power out of the factory. It’s also common knowledge that removing these inefficiencies and restrictions isn’t all that difficult, and there are some simple modifications that can transform your car from a mediocre boat to a roided beast. One of the best ways to do this for turbo diesel injected vehicles is by buying an aftermarket system with dump pipes.

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All Things That Justify the Popularity of the Hilux

11 Dec toyota hilux

Australia is a very rocky and sandy nation due to it’s warm weather all year-round. This facilitates the need for 4×4 vehicles, for ease of traversal on the non-paved roads throughout the nation. Which is why so many Aussies have decided to get a pick-up truck designed to easily tackle dirt and sand roads the Toyota Hilux, one of the most popular pick-ups in Australia. Toyota’s Hilux model of pickup has become very popular in recent years. Even becoming the most sold car of 2012.

This vehicle has earned it’s reputation through sturdiness and stability on both paved and dirt roads, making it a car that is very suited for most environments. There is also a very large amount of hilux spare parts for sale throughout the market because of their widespread use. Which also makes it an easy vehicle to maintain and repair when something breaks down on the interior or exterior. There are also part-kits for said maintanence and repair of various essential and non-essential parts of the car that cannot be repaired easily and are in need of a replacement. Continue reading

Automotive Tools Set Buying Guide

4 Oct

If you are someone who wants to do their own repairs, then you will need to own the right automotive tools. Choosing the right set of automotive tools is hard if you do it on your own. There are multi-functional tools that can help you in different situations and should be in arsenal even before the problem arises. Of course that there are tools that will be used less frequently, but you should have them in your automotive tools sets. To know which tools should be in the set, we will go through the most crucial ones so you won’t waste any additional time.

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Make Your Vehicle Great With Upgrades – After-Market Exhaust System

7 Jul

People buy their cars, service it yearly and that’s pretty much it. They forget how to take care of their vehicle – the right way! I personally, would do anything for my vehicle cause’ deep inside I am a gear head. There are different upgrades in the exterior, interior, engine and much more. However, the best thing I’ve done for my off-roaster (which I highly recommend doing it yourself also) is upgrading my exhaust system. To be more precise I decided to replace my exhaust cat back, because there are a lot of third-party options on the market.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Cars

4 Dec world's most expensive car

1. Bugatti Veyron – $1.7 million

The most expensive car on the market today is the Bugatti and believe it or not, it was developed by Volkswagen. This is the most expensive street legal car, and also the fastest accelerating, reaching 0-60 in 2.6 seconds.

world's most expensive car

Bugatti Veyron – world’s most expensive car

2. Lambourgini Reventon – $1.6 million

most expensive car

Lamborghini Reventon

3. Mclaren F1 – $970,000


McLaren F1

4. Ferrari Enzo – $670,000


Ferrari Enzo

5. Pagani Zonda C12F  – $667,321


Pagani Zonda C12 F

Which one would you like to own?

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