How to Improve Your LDV with a Throttle Controller

24 Aug

Engines haven’t changed much in the last 100 or so years. While there have been a slew of components that changed a bit and others that were completely taken out of the equation, ICEs have stayed essentially the same. But, when it comes to electronic components and upgrades, things have advanced quite a bit. This is where throttle controllers have started to take the aftermarket by storm.

As of recently, the ECU of every vehicle can be altered by a small palm-sized device that anyone can install. Throttle controllers work by having direct control over how the throttle of your LDV operates. This is possible thanks to electric signals and the difference in voltage they are sent with. But why would you install a throttle controller in your LDV in the first place?

evc X throttle controller

Benefits of Installing a Throttle Controller in Your LDV


One of the most important factors that play a tremendous role in how your LDV performs both on and off the road is its efficiency. This doesn’t relate just to fuel economy, it has to do with how efficient your engine is at generating all those HP. An LDV throttle controller will thus help sharpen up your engine’s acceleration. This makes it use less fuel and become more powerful. A more efficient engine means one that will last for a lot longer.


evc throttle controller

Performance is a big reason why you should get an LDV controller. If it’s the right one for the year and model you have, a throttle controller will make for a faster and more responsive engine. The sharpening of the acceleration can happen at the cost of fuel economy but that’s only if you push your LDV too far and don’t know how to set up the controller properly.


Something that follows mainly older vehicles is known as throttle lag. This is the delay between you pushing down on the accelerator pedal, and your LDV starting to move. This delay can seem minuscule when driving at faster speeds, but the more it happens the worse it gets and the more it affects the engine in a bad way.


Installing and Setting up a Throttle Controller in Your LDV

  1. To install, a throttle controller in your LDV, you don’t need any tools. All you need is the box the controller came in. Before you start doing anything though, make sure that you’ve turned the ignition off and let your LDV sit for 10 minutes.
  2. This will allow for all electronic parts to shut down properly. This helps reduce the chances of getting an engine fault code. If your LDV comes with a start button make sure that the key fob is more than 10 metres away from it so that no accessories are activated.
  3. Next, you need to find the factory plug for the accelerator pedal which usually sits on top of the pedal assembly. The factory plug needs to be disconnected in order for the throttle controller assembly to be connected to the pedal assembly. Then, the factory plug needs to be inserted into the other end of the controller assembly.
  4. After you’ve done that, find a place on the dashboard for the throttle control unit to be placed. Make sure the unit is not too close to you, as usually, controllers have bright screens that can easily blind you at night.
  5. Placed in an adequate location and connected to the assembly, you then need to set up your LDV throttle controller. While not all throttle controllers are the same, usually you need to start your LDV in neutral or park with the parking brake on.
  6. Then, you need to navigate to the unit’s mode selection and you typically need to hold down a certain button. This will let you enter the setup mode. After that, you need to choose the correct mode corresponding to the type of transmission your LDV has. There are certain numbers or letters that will pop up each with a different meaning. This is why you should refer to the instruction manual that came with your LDV throttle controller.

Types of Throttle Controllers



The true set it and forget it throttle controller is a basic one. It doesn’t mean that it’s not capable of improving your LDV, but it’s not as versatile or as comprehensive as its more expensive counterpart. With a basic throttle controller, all you get is 3 or 4 modes to choose from and a certain type of mode creation with limitations. These limitations have to do with the number of modes you can make and the number of parameters you can adjust within each mode.


Advanced throttle controllers are also known as programmers since they allow you to make as many modes as you want and change more parameters than a basic unit. These models also come with bigger screens that display more information about how your LDV behaves. This can be throttle response time, certain temperature gauges, and fuel economy. Of course, the level of information will depend on the type of throttle programmer you go for and its price too.


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