Moving Heavy Items? Tandem Axle Trailers to the Rescue

22 Nov

No matter if it’s horses or furniture, both require you to get a proper trailer in order to move them from one place to another. Of course, without a vehicle, this wouldn’t be possible but you wouldn’t be looking for a trailer if you didn’t have a vehicle. When looking for the right trailer you need to mainly consider the axle. While there are other things too the first thing to consider is the axle configuration.

People go for single axle trailers because they are more affordable and easier to maneuver while being better for fuel economy. But if you’re going to be hauling bigger loads and want to have more control over them then you should go with a tandem axle utility trailer. This means there are two axles instead of one, which helps minimise road sway making the trailer better for long-distance travel.

What Makes a Good Tandem Axle Trailer


The second most important thing about a trailer, in this case, a dual axle one, is the material it’s made of. There are different materials that can be used for the construction of a trailer but usually, they are either steel or aluminium. A steel tandem axle landscape trailer is a stronger and more impact resistant trailer. The level of strength that steel offers results in a heavy trailer.

Good Tandem Axle Trailer on a grass

This can be useful when hauling heavy items but keep in mind that the trailer will increase fuel consumption and it should meet the load-carrying capacity of the trailer. With aluminium double axle trailers that is not an issue since they are light while still being strong. They are also naturally corrosion resistant.


When it comes to load-carrying capacity you should also consider the one of the trailer. Take into consideration both the weight and load-carrying capacity of the tandem dual axle trailer as the total will let you know if you can use it with your vehicle. If both the weight and load carrying capacity exceed the GVWR of the vehicle you won’t be able to use the trailer with it as it will be unsafe.


The size of the trailer will determine the size and number of items you will be able to tow. The bigger the trailer the more items you can tow but also the more weight you’ll have at the back. Again if your vehicle is able to tow all the weight at the back then you’re good to go, otherwise, look for a different tandem axle landscape trailer.


The tires of every moving vehicle are as important as the vehicle itself. Why? Because they are the only part that is in contact with the road. If the tires of your dual axle trailer are not of the right diameter and have the right tread then you will have a hard time driving around with it at the back.

Types of Tandem Axle Trailers


An enclosed trailer may be limiting when it comes to the size of the items you’ll want to haul but it provides a level of protection that no other dual axle trailer does. Being covered from all sides with metal ensures that no weather conditions or prying eyes will get to your items that easily. Enclosed trailers can even have alarms on them in case someone wants to break into them. You also don’t need to worry about securing the load with an enclosed trailer which is especially useful when driving on a bumpy road

Enclosed Tandem Axle Trailer


Unlike an enclosed trailer, a flatbed tandem trailer is of an open design, so open that it doesn’t have sides. Yes, a flatbed trailer doesn’t have anything except a platform to put things on it. This means you can haul items that you wouldn’t be able to with an enclosed trailer. But you also need to keep in mind that those items won’t safe from the elements and that you will have to secure them pretty good so they don’t end up falling off.

Flatbed Tandem Axle Trailer


An open tandem axle utility trailer is not as open as a flatbed one. Open tandem trailers do still have sides which makes them more secure than flatbed trailers. This still allows you to load up items with awkward shapes you just have to work around the sides in order to get the item on the trailer. Although safer than a flatbed trailer, an open tandem trailer still does not provide the level of protection that an enclosed trailer does.

Open Tandem Axle Trailer


Something that none of the above tandem axle trailers can offer is the option to adjust their deck. A lowboy tandem dual axle trailer has that as its selling point which makes it a lot easier to load and unload items. This can be especially useful if you’re hauling heavy equipment frequently. Like flatbed trailers, lowboy tandem trailers are open with no sides but they are more versatile and convenient.


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