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It was in 1999 when Bulzzye Australia founded their company. They started as a small team with a shop in QLD that slowly but steadily expanded to offer its Bulzzye clothing to outlets and online stores. Over the years, the store evolved a lot thanks to the owners’ and staff’s dedication. But none of this would be possible if Bullzye didn’t provide its customers with high-quality products made of comfortable and easy to care fabrics.

In 2020, the brand Bullzye was handed over to a much loved Australian Heritage Clothing Company led by Thomas Cook. Ever since, he has quickly embraced the spirit of Bullzye and nowadays, you can take advantage of the many comfortable, stylish yet eye-catching Bullzye clothing and accessories.

Bullzye Clothing

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If you ever need comfy outdoor country attire, you certainly need to take a look at the large selection of Bullzye clothing. No outdoor adventure of should start without the right clothes, and it seems that Bullzeye has made its comeback to give you precisely this.

Men’s Clothing

When it comes to bottoms and country clothing, nothing can replace the all-time-favourite jeans. Stylish, comfortable and appealing, Bullzye jeans can improve the look of men while giving them the needed comfiness even when working. Coming in different colours, sizes and models, finding the right pair of Bulzzye jeans is quite easy.

Except for bottoms, Bulzzye can also stock you with an array of appealing tops. For instance, when the weather is warmer, you can pair the jeans with the numerous appealing Bulzzye t-shirts, and for those times when the weather is colder, you can invest in their long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies and jackets. The hoodies are available with and without zippers in order to meet the different customers’ tastes.

Bullzye Clothing

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Women’s Clothing

Who says that women can’t emphasize their body when dressed in country clothes?! Thanks to the appealing Bulzzye denim jeans, now women can feel good in their own skin even if living in the country. And the best of all is that these jeans won’t compromise on style.

When it comes to choosing tops, women can choose from the large selection of appealing t-shirts coming in different models, colours, sizes and patterns. In other words, you have the freedom to choose the models that will best suit your body type and personal taste. But except for t-shirts, you can also select from the different appealing and quality long-sleeve t-shirts, hoodies and jackets. When it comes to choosing the right hoodie, you can choose between an array of models that come with or without a zipper. So, for those times when ‘time is money’ and you are in a rush, you can always choose the zipper version as they are quicker to put on and take off.

So, feel free to visit one of its many stores and retailers, and find the pieces that will best meet your needs in order to explore the outdoors without any problem.


Keeping your eyes safe and sound and protecting your head from the hot Australian sun is possible if you wear hats. Given the fact that you love the outdoors and country clothing as well, you can choose from the large selection of hats for men and women coming from this brand. As we all know by now, the sun can take its toll on the skin, which is why protecting your face is essential not only by wearing sunscreen but also by wearing a hat. Except for hats or caps, you can also opt for beanies that will keep you warm once the cold season starts.

If you are a true Bulzzye fan, you can also choose from the many types of backpacks, gear bags, cooler bags, lunch boxes, toiletry boxes, logo stickers, stubby holders and even mudflaps in different sizes.

Bullzye Clothing

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Interesting Facts & Events

Now, you have the chance to become a Bullzye ambassador by applying directly on the company’s website.
All of the company’s past and upcoming events are shown on their Facebook page, so everyone could benefit from them, not only the newsletter subscribers.

Retailers & Online Stores

All of Bullzye clothes and accessories can be found directly in their online store. You can also find all of its products in any reliable and trusted retailer or supplier like the well-known Australian country store Allingtons – https://www.allingtons.com.au/.

Besides online, you can find Bullzye products offline at:

Melbourne Factory Outlet

1/100 Station Street, Nunawading
Victoria 3131 Australia
Tel (+ 61) 03 8872 7229
Email: outlet[at]tcbac.com
Opening Hours:
(Mon-Sat) 9:30am – 4:30pm
(Sunday) 10am – 4pm
Closed Public Holidays

Brisbane DFO – Clearance Store

1 Airport Drive, Brisbane Airport
Queensland 4007 Australia
Tel (+ 61) 07 3115 2795
Opening Hours:
(Everyday) 10am – 6pm


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