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Everything You Need to Know About Valve Springs

22 Oct close-up of valve springs
close-up of valve springs

The heart of every vehicle is its engine and today’s internal combustion engines have come a long way especially when it comes to their efficiency and performance. But how do internal combustion engines work? An ICE essentially burns fuel in order to create a controlled explosion. Why do you need an explosion? You need an explosion in order to generate movement. The explosion is generated thanks to a spark and the compression of air and fuel in a tight space which in this case is the cylinder. 

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Tips for Installing Car Sound Deadening Material on the Doors

20 Oct

Whizzing past cars on the motorway can sometimes get really loud especially if you’re doing so at high speeds. Even if you don’t tend to drive as fast on the motorway wind noise is always there no matter how fast you’re driving as well as engine noise. Others might say that you should change your tires if you want to reduce road noise but that doesn’t always make as big of a difference.
Some cars are able to isolate outside noises quite well but not all cars are the same as others aren’t that good at it. Fortunately, there is a solution for that – sound-deadening materials. Installing this type of material in your vehicle will help reduce road noise and help improve the acoustics inside your vehicle. This means it will make the sound coming from your speakers clearer and crisper. There will be fewer rattles too especially if you install sound deadening material in the doors.

Installing Audio Insulation in Car Doors

What Tools You Need

Insulating your car’s doors is one of the first things done in order to prevent road noises from disturbing you on your trip. But installing car door sound insulation includes having some tools ready beforehand. These tools usually include sharp scissors or a straight razor, a chisel or a small pick, a screwdriver, a roller and a degreaser.

Removing Components

1. The first thing you need to do when sound deadening car doors is to get access to the hollow part of the doors. This requires removing certain components such as the door trim panels.
2. Removing a door trim panel is done by first unscrewing fasteners that hold the door handle and other controls on the door. These fasteners are usually hidden for aesthetic purposes. When you have the door trim panel removed take off the plastic sheet just be careful not to damage it.
3. Once all of the above is done, disconnect the wires from the speaker and remove the speakers and then remove the window mechanism as well as any switches. It’s best that you take a picture of every component as you take it out so it’s easier to put it back in once you’re done applying the car door soundproofing material.

removing components


There is one more thing you need to do before you start putting in the car door sound insulation. You need to ensure that the inside of the doors is clean from any dirt and dust. Clean them with a piece of cloth and use rubbing alcohol after that to ensure that even the tiniest speck doesn’t interfere with the adhesive.


1. Applying the sound deadening material is done by cutting it to pieces first. Make sure you measure correctly before you start cutting though as the material needs to fit properly Without a proper fit the material won’t be as effective.
2. Once you cut up the material in the correct size pieces you then need to stick it onto the surface on the inside. Make sure that as you apply every piece, you apply even pressure all over it.
3. You should ensure that there are no bubbles and if there are some push them out before you stick the whole piece. Flattening out the air bubbles will ensure that the sound deadening material will stay on for a long time and it will do a good job at keeping road noises from disturbing you. 


Finishing Touches

1. Once you’re done applying every piece of sound deadening material knock on the outer side of the door and hear the difference. Do the same thing with every piece that you cut out and at the end use the roller to ensure that even the smallest air bubbles are pushed out.
2. With that done put everything back into the doors including the plastic sheet and you should be done. Refer to the photos you took earlier on when putting everything back together and start with the last thing you removed from the door.
3. Make sure to double-check the window mechanism, speakers, and any other controls you have on the doors of your vehicle before you install all the fasteners back in their place. Then just go on for a test drive and enjoy a peaceful ride on the motorway or in the city.

added sound proof on door


This whole process may seem like a lot of work as it is quite tedious but if you do want to install sound deadening insulation then make sure you are thorough. The more air bubbles you eliminate and the better the fit of the pieces you cut the more effective the soundproofing will be. While there are other things you can do to minimise road noise installing sound deadening insulation in the doors is one of the most effective solutions. Of course, that is if you also get the right type of sound deadening material.

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