How to Install the EVC Throttle Controller

12 Jul

Good performance is something that we take for granted when it comes to our vehicles. We expect our vehicles to operate at their best without even thinking about it. That unfortunately isn’t always the case. Be it because of a faulty engine or an underpowered one there can be a lot of reasons why that’s the case. But if your vehicle is the way it is because it’s built that way then you can do something about its performance.

Something that doesn’t require spending a lot of money or time incorporating it into your vehicle. Throttle controllers are an upgrade that can help improve the performance of your vehicle without you having to modify it. A car throttle controller can also make your vehicle more fuel-efficient if there’s room for it while improving performance. The same is done by the EVC electronic throttle control module.

How to Install the EVC

  1. The first in installing the EVC is to go under the dashboard where your accelerator pedal is and unclip the factory plug connected to it. After that, connect the adapter of your EVC electronic throttle control kit in the same place where the original plug was.
  2. After you’ve connected the adaptor, put in the original plug into the other end of the EVC adapter. Lastly, run the cable up to the EVC unit and attach the module somewhere on the dashboard where it won’t be in the way of other controls. It’s best that you run the cable through the steering column and attach the module with some double-sided tape.

How to Set up the EVC

  1. Setting up the EVC is as easy as installing it as you only have two buttons to press. When you first start your car the module will display two dashes. This means that the unit is retaining the factory setting of the car. The first you’ll want to do here is to select the type of car you have, automatic or manual.
  2. If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle, then you should press the “MODE” button and hold it for three seconds and set it at “88”. If you drive a car with a manual transmission then set the module at “00”. To change from “88” to “00” and vice versa just press the “SET” button once.
  3. Then you can choose between three options “E” which stands for eco, “U” which stands for ultimate and “AC” which stands for automatic control. If you want a more fuel-efficient drive, then go for “E” and from there set the level between 1 and 9. The higher the number the more the setting is pronounced.
  4. If you go for “U” mode the response of the accelerator pedal changes. Again setting the level of sensitivity of the pedal ranges from 1 to 9. Automatic control means you don’t have to set any levels, the module will set them according to how you drive. When selecting modes just press the “MODE” button, don’t hold it the way you did when setting it up for the type of transmission your car has.

Types of Electronic Throttle Controllers


While the EVC is the perfect example of a standard car throttle controller, there are some modules and kits that will differ. Other throttle controllers are more basic. They come with only an automatic control function. There are other basic controllers like the EVC which have a few modes to choose from alongside the automatic one. You can also find an electronic throttle control kit with additional modes alongside the three standard ones eco, automatic, and performance or ultimate as it is called on the EVC.



Advanced throttle controllers are often called power tuners or power programmers since they offer more than just three modes and a simple two-tone display. These come with way bigger screens and way more modes to choose from. You can even make your own mode by setting certain parameters and just select it when you need it most. You can make multiple modes to suit different driving styles. The displays on these throttle controllers are usually able to display other information as lines of text such as temperature, fuel consumption and more.


Let no one fool you that throttle controllers are bad for your vehicle. The only time they’re and for your vehicle is when you get an off-brand throttle controller or set up a module the wrong way. So make sure to be aware of what you’re getting and to know how to set up your throttle controller the correct way as not every module has the same setup process. When setting up modes, test every mode by driving around your neighbourhood. See how your vehicle acts and make adjustments if needed. If you can’t bother with that just set your module to automatic control and cruise along.


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