Essential Off-Roading Gear That Every 4×4 Owner Can Afford

3 Sep

For many off-roading seems like an activity that only people who like big rigs and working under their vehicle covered in car oil like to indulge in. Whilst a good number of people might like modifying their vehicles or big 4×4’s they aren’t necessarily going to be in for traversing the outback with one. There are a lot of benefits off-roading offers that everyone can enjoy no matter what they like. For example, when exploring a new trail you will come in contact with obstacles that you haven’t experienced on the road.

4x4 gear

This will help teach you a new way of driving, one that is more unpredictable and less routine-like. There is the change of scenery, instead of always passing by grey tall buildings you are surrounded by greenery and all kinds of wildlife. There is also a large community of off-roaders that will happily help you find your way around and even offer some tips. No matter if you are just starting out or have been active within the off-roading community having the essential 4×4 accessories whenever you are exploring a new trail is more than important.

4X4 Off-Road Gear

While some gear may seem like the best option sometimes your budget isn’t able to accommodate everything of the highest quality especially when starting out. This is where striking a balance between affordability and quality is essential.

Battery Charger

When going off-roading it’s important that you go with a back up. The same goes for the car battery. While you won’t have to change a car battery in the middle of nowhere, having practical yet cheap 4×4 gear can be a true life saver. A portable 12V car battery charger will give your vehicle the juice it needs to get you going. All you need to do is find a charger rated for 10 amps and you’re good to go. You don’t need multi bank chargers or chargers that doable as power supplies unless you have an RV.

air compressor

Air Compressor (Tyre Inflator)

When it comes to portability, off-roading is all about it and you should look for it when searching for this type of off road equipment. Tyres won’t inflate themselves and having a portable air compressor that can hook up to the cigarette lighter in your vehicle is going to spare you from calling out a friend or changing your tyre . You can choose between a cordless or a corded device but a corded one is a more reliable solution. A corded air compressor can be used with your portable battery charger too just make sure its PSI level corresponds with the one on your tyres.

Bull Bar

With a bull bar its all about protection you’re after which is what they offer. Animal strikes, small trees, bushes and rocks can get in your way. With a piece of metal in front instead of getting your vehicle damaged the bull bar will take one for the team. Even if a bull bar gets damaged you can easily replace it with another one. This is where you want to get the best of both worlds. While the cheapest solution won’t affect your budget as much, getting functional and cheap 4×4 gear will give you substantially better results. In the case with bull bars this mainly has to do with the material they are made of.

4x4 bull bar

Bull bars come made of plastic, aluminium and steel. Plastic bull bars being the most affordable are also the least protective and whilst steel ones are the most expensive they are also the most protective. Aluminium bull bars are on the more affordable end whilst offering great protection and guess what, they don’t weigh as much as their steel counterparts. This way your vehicle doesn’t use as much fuel and you still have solid protection at the front.

Hi-Lift Jack

When your vehicle is stuck an affordable and simple solution would be to use a hi-lift jack. This tool will help you get out of a mudhole, over a rock or a log and all you need to do is position it under your vehicle, secure it and start cranking the lever. The maximum height a hi-lift jack can lift is important and for your everyday off-road needs you should look for one that goes anywhere between 120 cm and 150 cm.

hi-lift jack

For the material it’s recommended that you go for an all-cast hi-lift jack. But you can go for a steel and cast hi-lift jack and get the same capabilities at a more affordable price. The cast and steel one doesn’t last as long but if you don’t use it as much that won’t make a big difference.


In case a hi-lift jack alone isn’t able to get your car out or over an obstacle having a winch will sure do. This device usually goes on the front of your 4×4 and it hooks up to a tree or rock to pull your vehicle out on flat ground. A winch needs to be rated for the weight of your vehicle and its load carrying capacity.

4x4 winch

If your vehicle is packed the winch needs to be able to get it out. While a synthetic cable is recommend since it’s lighter and safer, having a steel cable is going to be a better solution if you put a winch dampener on it. A steel cable isn’t as susceptible to abrasion and you won’t spend as much whilst still having a safe alternative.

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