Why Should You Decorate Your Walls with Canvas Prints?

19 Aug

Even after setting up with the perfect furniture, your space may still look kind of normal and unexciting. That’s because it needs a specific touch and finish to feel complete. In light of that, next to the soft furnishings, wall art is really the final piece of the decor puzzle that will make your room feel complete and stylish. Having the right decoration hung on the wall, can liven up any living space and transform it from plain and boring to unique and personal.


However, conventional canvas paintings can be very expensive or hard to get into your place. And although paintings are considered valuable artwork, so can be photographs, posters, prints, and works of graphic design.

If you still prefer the classic painterly look on your wall though, you will definitely love the textured finish of canvas prints. Thanks to the advanced inkjet printing that is used, they can look almost like original paintings. You could even feel the clean brush strokes when paintings are printed onto a canvas. Every unframed or framed print has a textured look and because of its textured look and the matte coating that reflects less light, as a result, you can enjoy a glare-free view, similar to that of an original painting.

Another great thing about canvas prints is the fact that you don’t really have to be an art guru or critic to dive into your creative side and get some great wall pieces of art to decorate your wall or be ridiculously rich. Reproductions of classical and contemporary art are just as beautiful and can play a vital role in boosting the aesthetic of your room without costing a lot.

Also since the colour absorption in canvas is much better than that of paper, for instance, you get a carefully produced higher quality print that is rich in colours and will last generations. If you are thinking about hanging a large fine framed print, canvas prints are the ones you should buy as you won’t notice any difference in quality (larger sizes of canvas prints can be printed even at lower resolution).

On top of all that you don’t have to worry too much about cleaning a canvas print. Since they come with a protective coating on top that protects the art from fingerprint smudges and to a certain extent from dust and other atmospheric particles, you can simply use a damp cloth to remove the dirt from the surface.

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