Benefits of Side Steps & What to Consider When Buying Them

26 Jul

One of the most underrated Ford Ranger PX2 accessories that add functionality and style are side steps, also known as running boards. Side steps are accessories that attach to the bottom of your Ford Ranger, and their main purpose is to serve as an extra step for people to get in and out of it. Although this may seem like a non-issue for most vehicles, for the Ford Ranger, one that’s been given a lift, especially, it can be quite problematic. However, even if you don’t need side steps to get in and out of your Ford Ranger, you can still opt to get them for aesthetic reasons.

px2 accessories

That being said, if you’ve decided you want a pair of these Ford ranger PX2 accessories, you’ll have to consider a few important factors before you set out and look for the best ones. The most important factor to consider is the materials they’re made of. Most quality side steps are made of aluminium or stainless steel. These materials are extremely durable, while aluminium is also quite lightweight. Furthermore, you have to consider the stepping pad material. The most common options are rubber and plastic, but rubber is the preferred one as it offers a better grip, which is quite important for side steps used in poor weather.

Lastly, you need to consider the steps’ width. The width is important due to the fact that it provides protection to the Ford’s paintwork, and also provides a wider area for you to step on when getting in and out of the vehicle. However, you don’t want side steps that are too wide, because they can restrict your access to the underneath of your vehicle, and they can negatively impact your ground clearance when driving in rough terrain.

px2 accessories

If the idea behind side steps doesn’t appeal to you, you can opt for nerf bars. There’s been a debate of side steps versus nerf bars for as long as both accessories have existed, and it’s like trying to decide whether Coke or Pepsi is better. It’s a matter of personal preference, and both are great options and provide you with the same benefits. However, there are some subtle differences between them, like side steps offering a wider platform and providing you for a more solid base that can be beneficial if you have children or have to help an elderly person in and out of your Ford. Nerf bars, on the other hand, have smaller stepping points, but can show off the base of the construction material which makes them more pleasing to look at.

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