A Quick Guide on Finding the Most Suitable Portable Vehicle Battery Charger

19 Jul

The engine is definitely the heart of every vehicle, but what enables you to have an aux cord, charge your phone, set the heating temperature and help you navigate in the unknown is powered by the alternator. Of course, without the mechanical power of the engine, it won’t be able to deliver all that but without a battery, most of this power will be wasted. The electrical current converted by the alternator needs to be stored in the vehicle but even the battery isn’t 100% reliable. Getting a vehicle’s battery drained nowadays doesn’t happen that often thanks to advanced electronics inside the vehicle but when it does you need to have some sort of backup and that backup is called a portable battery charger. Follow these tips to find the most cost-effective battery charger for your vehicle.

portable vehicle battery charger


The most important thing about a portable battery charger is how easy it is to use it even for someone who hasn’t even heard of one before, which I highly doubt. Easy to reach buttons and multiple LED lights are the basics here but what you also need to look for are additional USB ports so you can charge your laptop or phone. Of course, the primary use of a portable vehicle battery charger is to feed the vehicle with juice but it can help you charge your electronics when you are in a remote area. This will also help preserve the vehicle battery on longer trips.


The portability of a car battery charger obviously has to do with the same and wight od the device and most of the time if you go for a heavier device you will lose on portability but get a feature-packed higher capacity charger and vice versa. I am not saying you should go for the smallest charger but you should try to find one that has a decent capacity and which isn’t as hefty.


The most common type of portable vehicle battery charger is the 12V but you can get a 6, 10 or even 20 amp one – the more powerful they are the more expensive they get. I would advise you to stick to a 12V charger and although it may not be the most powerful it provides decent charging speed and it is not as bulky which again is great for portability.

Safety Features

In order to keep the vehicle battery safe and of course yourself, it’s important that you get a portable battery charger that has a reverse polarity alarm, float mode and a battery tester feature. Other features like a maintenance option and an engine restart option are also important so you are able to keep an eye on the state of the battery and give the vehicle a boost when the battery is dead. In the latter, spark-proof clamps are a must.

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