4WD Essentials: the Most Popular 2017 Colorado Accessories

20 Jun

4WD vehicles are a special breed made to be driven around town but most importantly out in the wild. Having one like Holden’s Colorado series is the most Aussie thing when it comes to the off-roading world. Sure it was first introduced as an SUV and it is still by some standards, but the 4WD is still here which means that like any other 4WD out there it needs a set of necessary equipment. These accessories are not the most important ones but they sure do help in situations and places you’d least expect.

colorado accessories


When crossing through deep rivers, water can enter the engine’s air intake which can cause some serious damage. While the air grill on the Colorado is located on the front side, water can still get to it. But by installing a snorkel you won’t just keep water away as the air intake will also have a cleaner and cooler air enter the engine thanks to the shape of the snorkel. Not all 2017 Colorado accessories have a “two birds one stone” functionality in place.

Bonnet Protector

A bonnet protector (guard) also helps you in two different ways, the first one is obviously to keep off any debris or insects hitting your windshield and the second one, on the other hand, is not as obvious, which is aerodynamics. Yes a bug deflector, as some may call it, can help with fuel efficiency thanks to its aerodynamic shape while being able to blend in with your vehicle’s exterior.

Diff Breather

Diff breathers go hand in hand with snorkels and they also have a similar function, except that they hang closer to the ground. Now I am not saying that they are less efficient than snorkels but they need to be lifted up when passing through running rivers. They help the air escape more easily, which helps prevent any seals from getting blown up. It is normal for them to get hot as they are building up a lot of pressure.

colorado accessories

Suspension and Lift Kits

If you are going to pack your vehicle with a lot of luggage or other 2017 Colorado accessories in the back then a solid lift kit or a strong enough suspension to ease the path through robust terrain is necessary. They can also increase ground clearance which is important in order to avoid any damage to the vehicle’s underbody.

Lift kits will also enable you to put bigger tyres for better traction and improved handling. These two are especially important for a Holden Colorado because by default it doesn’t have a high ground clearance as it is meant to be driven both in the inner city streets and in the Australian outback.

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