Reasons to Buy an Aftermarket Exhaust System With Dump Pipes

3 Jun

It’s common knowledge within the tuning and gearhead communities that most cars are over-engineered, yet have many inefficiencies put in place in order to restrict power out of the factory. It’s also common knowledge that removing these inefficiencies and restrictions isn’t all that difficult, and there are some simple modifications that can transform your car from a mediocre boat to a roided beast. One of the best ways to do this for turbo diesel injected vehicles is by buying an aftermarket system with dump pipes.

dump pipe

Aftermarket exhaust systems are far superior to stock exhaust systems, as they’re made from better-quality materials like stainless and aluminised steel, and they feature wider diameter pipes which allow for better gas flow in and out of your engine and exhaust system. Moreover, an aftermarket dump pipe can reduce backpressure that comes from the turbo. As a result, a dump pipe can prevent your turbo system from failing or splitting your pipes open.

Further, aftermarket exhaust systems generally feature high-flow catalytic converters, which further reduce restrictions by processing exhaust gasses faster and pushing them out of your exhaust system faster. High-flow catalytic converters are affordable and can be installed individually as well, and they’re one of the most common aftermarket parts bought together with extractors.

Another a crucial part of aftermarket exhaust systems are the extractors which I just mentioned. Extractors do the same task as manifolds, except they remove restrictions even more and can change your exhaust’s tone into a louder, more aggressive growl. Further, extractors are typically made using higher-quality materials and tubes.

Aftermarket exhaust systems can be either cat-back, header-back and axle-back, here’s how they differ.

  • Header-back exhausts replace everything from the header to the tailpipes. In other words, they replace the entire stock exhaust system. Due to this fact, header-back exhaust systems offer the largest performance upgrade, but they’re also the costliest option out of the three.
  • Cat-back exhaust systems, as their name implies, replace everything from the catalytic converter to the tailpipes. These systems usually include a tailpipe and a muffler, but some kits also come with a mid-pipe, Y-pipe, H-pipe or X-pipe. Cat-back exhausts are some of the most popular aftermarket exhaust system upgrades because they’re a simple modification that results in decent performance upgrades.
  • Axle-back exhaust systems replace everything from the rear axle to the exhaust tip. Although these systems don’t provide as much power as the other two, there are still benefits of getting them. They’re affordable, easy to install and can alter how your vehicle sounds.

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