A Guide to Choosing the Best Cyclist Clothes for Your Biking Adventure

15 Feb

There are many instances for which you seriously need to consider equipping yourself with proper cyclist clothes. Sure, you may not need them when you use your bike to go to the store, but, for longer rides or when the weather turns your back and gets nasty, you will thank yourself for investing in high-quality clothing for cyclists.

First, let’s start with all the benefits that come with using proper and high-quality cyclist clothes. One of the most important perks is that this type of clothing is made to fit properly and not feel uncomfortable when you lean forward to reach the handlebars. Next, cyclist clothes move with you as you ride, and lastly, they keep you dry and fresh during the entire journey.

Read on to find out more about the basic pieces of clothes that each cyclist needs.

Cyclist Jerseys
This part of cyclist clothing needs to come in a form-fitting material that minimizes drag when you ride. Moreover, the transfer fabric sets the benchmark for wicking sweat away, thus keeping you drier and improving your performance. Additional features that you need to look for in a jersey are a stand up collar that will keep your neck away from sun in the summer, front zipper for ventilation when needed, wider shoulder cut for additional comfort of the arms, back pockets for storage convenience and easy reach and reflective trim or highlights for riding at night. And for those cold winter rides, you should look for long sleeves and denser, heavier fabric for better insulation.

Cyclist Shorts
Shorts for cyclists differ from standard street shorts mainly in two things. First, they come with added stretch for full freedom of movement, and, second, they come with a crotch liner that reduces friction and wicks moisture. The liner is actually a smooth, soft pad made of nylon or synthetic material. Its purpose besides minimizing friction is to keep dirt away and with that prevent bacterial growth. It even helps with cushioning road bumps. This is probably the most complex part of the bike shorts, and the shapes, thicknesses and materials differ among brands and genders. Try on more styles and models in order to find the one that suits your anatomy best.

Cyclist Shoes and Socks
The type of shoes that are perfect for you depends on your riding style. For instance, road cyclist should opt for lightweight, aerodynamic models that come with slick soles. Mountain cyclists need shoes with more durable soles that offer ample tread to grip the trail if needed. And for the more casual cyclist, any sports shoe will do the job, just make sure that is comfortable enough. In the case of socks, the optimal material depends on the season you ride. Remember, your feet produce sweat when you are pedalling hard or for a longer period. In winter this can lead to cold feet, whereas in summer it can lead to blisters. One option that has proven to be useful regardless of the season is socks made of combed cotton. This is an extremely soft, strong version of cotton made with specially treated cotton fibres. What makes it perfect for each season is the fact that the material is sweat-resistant, breathable and quick drying.

Cyclist Helmet
One of the first things each cyclist does before hopping onto their bike is putting on their helmet. This is a very important part of each bike equipment since it is the best way to protect your head from possible falls and injuries. Besides that, it will make you more visible to vehicles and will protect you against various weather elements. It creates shade from the sun and can keep rain away from your eyes so that you can steer safely even during sudden storms.

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