Mobility Aids To Help With Lower Back Pain

19 Jun

Back pain is a condition that affects many people around the world. It can be the result of sitting with bad posture, or being at your desk too long at the office, or even of long periods while travelling by car, bus, or plane. Many of the sufferers tend to think about medication to address their back pain, but what they don’t know is that there are many mobility aids that can help reduce strain on the lower back.

mobility aids

Usually, people who suffer from back pain tend to have problems moving around and mobility aids can help them enjoy greater freedom and independence. A range of mobility aids is available to meet people with back problems needs. The most common of them include.


This is a mobility aid that extends your grasp, allowing you to reach items on a high shelf without having to push your chest and arms beyond a position that is comfortable for you.

Dressing Aids
Tools designed to help you get dressed when having difficult to bend down or reach around to do tasks involved in dressing, such as using zippers, lacing up shoes, and hooking a bra. Common dressing aids include an extended shoehorn that allows you to ease into your shoes and devices made to pull on socks or hosiery.

Helps take pressure off your joints while providing stability for walking. Other mobility aids for back pain suffers that offer more support are walkers and rollators.

Raised Seats
If the pain in your back is making it hard to lower yourself down and to get up, using a raised seat or cushions means less bending. These mobility aids are available for office chairs, sofa and even toilette seat.

Supportive Cushions
They are quite helpful in easing pain and maintaining good posture, particularly when seated. Look for ergonomically designed pillows and cushions for chairs, the bed, and your car to get great comfort and support.

Rails and Grips
These are supportive devices designed to help you pull yourself up. They include grab bars that can be secured to the walls around your toilet and tub and assistive handles or rails that slide between your mattress and box spring or under a chair or sofa.

Many people tend to cringe at the though of using a mobility aid like a cane or a walker. However, those negative thoughts are instantly eased when they are given a choice of living independently on others. Most of them prefer to use an assistive device to do their things, like grocery shopping, than have to depend on someone else to do the shopping for them. Just choose the best mobility aid for your needs and keep living a normal life!

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