Why Choose a Balance Bike Instead of a Tricycle?

29 Jan

Balance Bike

So your child has come to an age when he/she wants to ride a bike? Probably, the first type of bike that will come to your mind would be the tricycle, but have you ever heard about a balance bike? Balance bikes are small and pedal-free bikes that are the first choice for first-time riders, and when it comes to buying a balance bike for sale Australia online stores can provide you with the highest quality ones. Simply said, a balance bike is a two-wheeled bike that teaches kids of young age (even those of 18 months) to balance on two wheels. And no, it is not difficult at all to teach them to ride a bike like that; what’s more, after a short period of time, your child will learn to ride and jump on his/her bike with no assistance at all.

Since these bikes are so popular, you can easily find a great balance bike for sale Australia online deal and treat your little one with a bike he can ride without any help (believe me this is of vital importance for child between 2 and 3, as this is the age when they want to do everything by themselves). With the skills learned from a balance bike, your child (even at 3 years of age) can easily ride a regular kids bike without the need for training wheels. The thing that makes these bikes so special is their ability to ride on uneven surfaces. They can easily glide over rocks, curbs, dirt, and even jumps.

What Makes Them a Better Option than Tricycles?

Balance Bike
When compared to tricycles, balance bikes are much safer and more practical. Tricycles have three wheels making them slower, more awkward to maneuver, and unstable on uneven or angled surfaces. When riding a balance bike, children are focused on balancing, rather than pedaling which means that they are prepared for an unexpected loss in balance, making them more focused. Toddlers can easily walk or run for several kilometers on a balance bike which is not the case with tricycles.

Since balance bikes are footless, kids naturally pick up their feet when gliding, and they are okay with it. When it comes to the price, their price ranges between $50 and $200+, and their difference is in their quality, performance, and durability. What’s more, the greatest advantages of having a higher-end balance bike is its stability and safety features.

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