Automotive Tools Set Buying Guide

4 Oct

If you are someone who wants to do their own repairs, then you will need to own the right automotive tools. Choosing the right set of automotive tools is hard if you do it on your own. There are multi-functional tools that can help you in different situations and should be in arsenal even before the problem arises. Of course that there are tools that will be used less frequently, but you should have them in your automotive tools sets. To know which tools should be in the set, we will go through the most crucial ones so you won’t waste any additional time.



You cannot do nothing without wrenches! They are used to do many basic and complicated repairs. They come in two types SAE and Metric measurements which solely depends on the type of vehicle being repaired. Usually, the standard measurement ones are made for the US market, while the metric is used in all other countries around the world.

Ratchets and Sockets

In most cases sockets are used together with ratchets to allow quick and easy turn a bout or a nut. There is a wide range of socket to choose from, however, it is always useful to use a socket that has more sizes so you will get more functionality.

Sockets used in combination with ratchets allow someone to quickly and easily turn a nut or bolt. Because there is a variety of sockets to choose from, it is useful to purchase a socket set that contains a number of different size sockets depending on the nut or bolt that needs to be turned. The most common sockets are the standard ones, spar plugs, and of course the impact styles. The standard ones are made from both type of sockets well and regular ones and can be connected easily with a ratchets or an extension. On the other hand, spar lug sockets have a additional rubber boot that is inserted to prevent cracking and impact sockets that are generally used only for high speed tasks.

Pilers and Screwdrivers

Pillars are versatile tool that is very useful to have it in your automotive tools set. It can turn, grab, cut or bend when it is needed. They can be used in a wide range of jobs, however these should not be used as a replacement for a wrench.

Screwdrivers are one of the most used tools when it comes for you vehicle. They can be used to help you with your engine, with the interior and exterior and much more. There is a great range to choose from but when you buy automotive tools set, there are the basic ones that you will use for sure.

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