Things to Know Before Buying Solar Street Lights

9 Jun

Do you want to give an excellent idea to your town to save money? Have a villa on the mountain, and you want the road there to be equipped with install eco-friendly lights? Well friend, look not further because solar street lights are the way to go. In this article, we will go through the basic info on solar street light, how they work and what components they are made from.

A simple solar photovoltaic street light system is an outdoor lighting that has a purpose of lighting a street or open areas. The last couple of years, LED technology has brought a lot of opportunities for applications in street lighting especially LED lighting. Together with LED low power, high illumination and renewable source make the perfect addition to having an eco-friendly environment and cost-effective solution.

Today the most common types of street lights are the High-Intensity Discharge lamps, where the HPS lamps are being replaced by LED lamps. A conventional solar powered LED street light system is made from the following parts: solar panel, LED lamp set, rechargeable battery, controller. All of these components are fixed on a pole, where the solar panel is mounted on to so it can have maximum sunlight.


The solar panel is the most important part of any solar street lights, and it is a module that transforms light energy into electricity in a DC form. On the market, you can find two types of solar panels crystalline and thin film types. Furthermore, the crystalline solar panels are divided into a poly-crystalline solar panel, mono-crystalline solar panel. When it comes to thin-film types, there are amorphous silicon, cadmium tellurium, copper indium gallium selenide and dye-sensitized solar cells.

The primary purpose of batteries is to store electricity that is created by the solar panels. They work during they day when there is sunlight, and when the load is higher than the energy received, the batteries will offer stable energy to load.

The Led lamp is the made from LED and other parts that are later assembled into a lamp. They have a great lifespan and great efficiency that has a better life than incandescent lamps and are better than nearly all fluorescent lamps. They emit 100 lumens per Watt which make them the perfect combinations together with the solar panels.

The final part of the solar street lights is the charge controllers. They are used to control the charging of the batteries, because the output from the solar panels varies and needs to be adjusted. The primary function of the controller is to prevent over-charging, over discharging and control other functionalities of the load.

With this information, you will know the necessary things before making any purchase for yourself or your company.

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