There’s So Much Beauty Under the Sea, Get a Scuba Mask & See

30 Mar

When it comes to scuba diving, it all about the visuals, so it is essential to have a mask that keeps the water out and provides an optimal viewing platform. But how to choose a scuba mask that offers all that? Below you will find all the important features to look for when shopping for scuba masks and what to consider in order to get the right fit for your needs.


Low Internal Volume

The internal volume is the airspace you have between the mask and your face. As the diver descends, this space is subject to compression and needs to be equalized to prevent discomfort. Choosing a low volume mask is important because it will require less breath to clear. And because the front lenses sit closer to the eyes, this provide a wider field of view.

Field of View

A good mask should optimize your field of views both horizontally and vertically. But having a good downward is also important as there as where you will find your buckles, gauges, BC pockets, D-rings, weight ditch handles and anything else you need to grab. In other words, the better the downward view, the easier it will be to see and access your gear.

Strap/Buckle Systems

Some buckles are easy to deal with and make strap adjustment a piece of cake. Other are simply a pain in the neck. Most modern scuba masks come with buckle systems mounted on the skirt and not on the frame, which is better as this improve the range of motion for strap positioning, allowing the buckles to be folded flat for storage.


Scuba masks are generally made from silicone material, but their thickness and suppleness can vary from mask to mask. While trying on different scuba masks, you will notice that some skirts mold to your face like a second skin (creating a comfortable, watertight seal) while others are pretty uncomfortable to wear. To increase comfort and improve the seal some manufacturers add different surface textures in the cheek and forehead areas. TruFit, LiquidSkin and High Seal are some of the mask skirts worth trying.

Mask skirts are also available in clean and black colours. Clear skirts allow more light into the mask, which can be an advantage when diving in shadowed water and a disadvantage when diving in bright tropical waters as reflective light streaming through the skirt can be blinding. For bright tropical waters a black skirt makes a better option.

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