Memory Foam Mattresses Don’t Forget to Preserve Our Health

26 Sep

If you are a person looking for relief from stiffness arthritis, bed sores, and insomnia, then upgrading your current mattress to a memory foam mattress could be the right solution for you.

Sleeping problems are known to affect a person’s day to day living and overall health. Although some problems need medical intervention, some can be improved and even eliminated with the correct support that a memory foam mattress offers. Below are some of the main health problems that tend to cause disturbances in your sleep and how a memory foam mattress can help you ease them out.



Arthritis is a debilitating aching and stiffness in the joints that can be very painful. For a person who suffers from arthritis, sleep can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience, especially without a supportive mattress. According to memory foam mattress Australia experts, while pressure points on the body can increase with a traditional mattress, with a memory foam mattress the foam contours the body, offering support along its length and ensuring the spine remains straight. With the body spread more evenly, blood becomes able to circulate easily. As swelling is one of the biggest problems for arthritis sufferers, increased blood circulation may allow a more restful night’s sleep. Considered a more expensive option, nowadays there are various retailers that offer great deals on memory foam mattress Australia wide. Search them online to find a deal that fits your budget.


Studies have reported that millions of Australians suffer from insomnia. According to experts, it can be caused by many factors, being stress and depression the main causes. But a low-quality mattress or a mattress that is in bad condition can also have a great impact on your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. Because a memory foam mattress offers proper support to the entire body and helps distribute its weight more evenly, this helps ensure all the pressure points will be able to rest properly and comfortably.

Bed Sores

If you are a person who needs to spend a lot of time in bed, you can also benefit from a memory foam mattress. Because it leads a better blood circulation that means less chances for pressure sores to form, leading to an enhanced level of comfort for you who are bed bound for long periods of time.


Memory foam is completely hypo-allergenic. Simply said, it is the ideal sleeping solution for allergy sufferers. Unlike other mattresses, a memory foam mattress does not attract dust mites and bed bugs, making them also a great choice for people who suffer from asthma.

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