Benefits Of Home LED Lights

23 Jun

Residental Led Lighting

The lighting in our home plays an important role in the entire atmosphere. This brings to the importance of choosing the right light fixtures not just for indoor but for outdoor as well. According to some statistics, one household spends about 5% of their budged to lighting. With this percent in mind more and more people are switching to the new models of lighting that are widely known as energy efficient option. Home LED lights are those who takes part in this category and are widely available in today’s market. What makes them a very popular choice is not just the energy efficient but a lot of other benefits as well.

Lifetime – Once you put an LED bulb on your light fixture you will forget when was the last time you do this. Why? Because quality home led lights are very robust and generally have long life span. LED bulbs are quoted to have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours which means they will lighten your home for more than 11 years.

However, this is misleading since the performance of the bulbs becomes changed with time because of the huge affect of many factors like temperature and operating current. Although some people consider that there is no precise definition of the lifetime of LED lights, they still last much longer than any other option.

Low maintenance – This benefit is closely related to the long life span of LEDs. Their long life reduces the need of replacing failed laps which lead to significant saving, especially in the cost of maintenance crews. This feature also makes them perfect for installing LEDs in places that are hard to reach.

Low power consumption – Installing a led lights in your home will have a huge impact on your energy bills. They are designed to use low power consumption which leads to significant energy savings. National programs to develop effective lighting have been driven by the potential energy savings associated with using LED lights which are considered as high-efficiency sources.

Variety – Home led lights are available in many products like as replacements for 75W, 60W, 40W traditional incandescents, reflector bulbs usually used in small track lights, recessed fixtures, kitchen lighting, desk lams and outdoor area lights. They also come in many different colours and some of them offer additional features like motion sensors and daylight.

So, if you are looking for a high quality product that offers great energy savings, select one of the lights that have earned the energy star. Home led lights work great indoors and outdoors because of their performance in a cold environment and durability. For outdoor use, you can look for products like step lights, pathway lights, and porch lights.

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