How to Clean Black Suede Shoes The Right Way

31 May

If you own a pair of suede shoes then I’m sure your biggest concern related to them is how to clean their soft, pleasant texture. And with a reason – these shoes are more likely to get ruined easier than regular leather shoes, especially when they get wet. Furthermore, suede shoes are prone to scruffs, scratches and stains. However, do not panic! There are ways to increase their longevity and keep them in a good condition by cleaning them the right way. So if your concern is how to clean black suede shoes, stay with me to find out how to make them look like to clean black suede shoes

  • Get a suede brush and ensure your shoes are dry. Suede has a delicate grain that is best cleaned with an brush specially designed for the purpose which you can buy with a suede cleaning kit. If your shoes have a care label, then follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. Suede is extremely sensitive to water, so the best way to deal with scuffs and dirt is when your shoes are completely dry.
  • Brush tenderly to remove dirt. Use the suede cleaning brush to gently brush away the dirt or dust that has accumulated on your shoes. Try not to go back and forth; brush repeatedly towards the same direction and once you get off this layer of grime, your shoes will look like they are brand new.
  • Brush vigorously so that you remove scuff marks. When scuffing your shoes, the suede’s grain can get pressed down in one direction. Lift the grain by brushing the scuffed parts vigorously back and forth with a suede brush for the ultimate effect. If there are some scuffs that are too matted down to respond to the brush, scrape that part of the shoe with a knife so that you lift the nap.
  • In case there are some pretty stubborn marks, use an eraser. Marks and scuffs that cannot seem to be removed can be handled by rubbing with a pencil eraser or a piece of crepe rubber which is actually the crinkled rubber that many shoe soles are made from. Or, you can buy a special suede eraser which is designed specially for that purpose. Apply a moderate measure of pressure and increase it for the tougher marks.

how to clean black suede shoes 1

  • After you have taken all cleaning steps, the last thing to do is to protect your black suede shoes. When you clean them, or even better – when you buy them, spray a layer of suede protector on your shoes. This step is very important as it will prevent further marks and stains. For the ultimate results, follow the manufacturer’s directions.

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