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Electrical Enclosures: The Importance of Material Choices

31 Dec

Electrical enclosures are just plain boxes, but choosing the right material for its creation is a tricky process that needs careful consideration. Engineers share the opinion that the physical properties on any type of enclosure is determined by the materials which it is build of and many possibilities available tell us that quality is always above price.

Your best choice is between metal or plastic enclosures for electronics. Metal enclosure offers you strong impact resistance and explosion protection, the perfect choice when planning to place it in exposed locations and in hazardous applications. These desirable properties are: cable retention, UV protection, ease of installation and moderate impact protection and cost. Plastic enclosures for electronics cover the same requirements and many of them are superior than the metal units.

When choosing the right material, it is always a good idea to look at the most common materials used:


PVC: the budget option

Being one of the most used in the world, from small junction boxes to terminal blocks and connectors, PVC enclosures Continue reading

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