Tips For Antiques Restoration

26 Oct


Antiques restoration is not a difficult nor complicated process. You can restore your old antique furniture or decorative items, regardless if you have experience in restoration or not. All that you need is motivation, patience and good amount of time. Of course, to restore old pieces of furniture you should learn about the basic principles of restoring an antique item.

This is important because unlike restoring contemporary furniture, antiques restoration requires more attention in order to preserve the original look of the old genuine items. In addition, here are five simple, yet very helpful tips on restoring antiques:

1. Dismantle The Object Before Restoring It

Dismantling an antique object makes any restoration procedure and action easier. For instance, if you want to restore an antique table, it will be far more easier to complete the restoration process faster and efficiently if you take apart all the parts and repair each of them separately. Once you are done, just reassemble the parts and your item will look perfectly.

2. Clean The Parts Of The Item Thoroughly

Before you start repairing the damages of the item, make sure the item is clean. To clean the parts without causing additional damage to the already damaged parts, use water and special solvent. Steer away from too strong and abrasive cleansers. Wash all the items, with no exception, even including the parts such as bolts and nuts.

3. Repaint the Item

Repainting is probably the most demanding and attention seeking procedure in the antiques restoration process. Depending on that how much the paint is damaged, you have two options for repainting. If the paint is damaged only in a certain spot, you can repair only that part by sanding it down, using wet sanding. On the other side, if you need to repaint the whole item, a better option would be to strip the paint off completely, and apply new layer of paint.

4. Do Your Best to Preserve the Original Colour of The Item

This is especially important if you plan to sell the restored item, because chances are, the more you change the item, the more its value will decrease. Even if you are repainting the item completely, do your best to find a colour nuance that resembles the original colour of the item. Only in this way you will preserve the authenticity of the item and sell it for its real price.

5. Take Your Time

As we mentioned at the beginning, antiques restoration takes time. For this reason, give yourself inasmuch time as you need to restore your valuable antique item. Perform all of the restoration steps carefully and with patience. If you cannot finish something during the same day, leave it for tomorrow. After all, it is better to spend more time on repairing the item, rather than to finish the procedure faster and not be satisfied with the end result.

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