Male Pattern Baldness: Diagnosis & Treatment Options

30 Sep

Nowadays more and more people are handling with baldness and losing their hair in a certain period of age. Male pattern baldness is usually caused bu genetic predisposition and hormones. Each hair of the head grows for about two to six years, stays for a short time and then falls out. After that, a new hair begins to grow. Each hair sits in a cavity in the skin of the head named a follicle. Baldness in men happens when these follicles shrink, resulting in finer and shorter hair. Usually, a new hair should grow back, but this not happens with men whose follicle are shrinking. Is not well understood why all this happens, but many studies shown that is closely related with male sex hormones and genes.


The male pattern baldness usually begins at the hairline, which recedes to form an “M” shape. The existing hair in the head may become finer and shorter. Male pattern baldness is generally diagnosed based on the pattern and the appearance of the hair loss. If you notice that you hair loss happens in a non-usual pattern, is accompanied by skin irritation, pain, itching, if begins after you consume a certain medication or you simply want to treat your hair loss, then it’s time to visit a doctor.

There are men who feel comfortable with its baldness and are not looking for the solution. But, if you are from those who feel uncomfortable there are some male pattern baldness cure options available. If you are looking for medication, there are two main drugs: Minoxidil (Rogaine) which should be applied directly to the scalp in order to stimulate the hair follicles and the Finasteride (Propecia), a pill that inhibits the production of dihydro testor Ene. Another option is hair transplant which requires multiple sessions and is quite expensive.

Another great male pattern baldness cure is micro scalp pigmentation. It’s very effective treatment which provide immediate results. It’s a highly specialized procedure during which professional technicians provide your scalp with tiny deposits of pigment that gives the appearance of real shaven hair. The form of your new hairline will be made according to your previous one and according to the shape of your face. Scalp micro pigmentation is a permanent male pattern baldness cure but still can be adjusted, according to your personal preferences. The time needed for this treatment depends on how big is the area that will be treated. This solution gives the most realistic results even after the first treatment. Is not painful like regular tattooing and definitely is less painful than hair transplant.

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