DPF Explained: How to Get the Most Out of Your Diesel Particulate Filter

26 Apr Hilux DPF Cleaning

your HiLux runs on diesel, then it’s likely fitted with a DPF (diesel particulate filter) whose purpose is to reduce the emissions that are a result of the combustion process burning diesel fuel. However, what many people don’t know is that the HiLux DPF isn’t a fit-and-forget type of accessory. You need to maintain it and understand how to keep it in optimum shape. Improper care of your diesel particulate filter and engine can lead to engine malfunction, breakdown, expensive repairs and replacement parts, non-compliance with emission laws and voided warranty.

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Maximize the Performance of Your Ford Mustang with a Throttle Controller

21 Apr

In the automotive world, a manufacturer that is well known for making high-performance cars, as well as ones that are safe to drive, is Ford. The Ford motor company is one of the most renowned automotive brands when it comes to making fun to drive cars with all the latest safety features as well one that is technology-rich. One such example is the Ford Mustang. People still buy the Mustang even today, despite the car being more than 50 years old.

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RV Maintenance Tasks You Should Take Care of Before Heading on a Long Trip

2 Dec

We have grown accustomed to using a series of appliances on a daily basis. Even in our homes, there is more stuff that can break down than it used to be. Fixing them when you are at home is easy, you just pick up the phone and half of the repair is done. Continue reading

Essential Off-Roading Gear That Every 4×4 Owner Can Afford

3 Sep 4x4 accessories

For many off-roading seems like an activity that only people who like big rigs and working under their vehicle covered in car oil like to indulge in. Whilst a good number of people might like modifying their vehicles or big 4×4’s they aren’t necessarily going to be in for traversing the outback with one. There are a lot of benefits off-roading offers that everyone can enjoy no matter what they like. For example, when exploring a new trail you will come in contact with obstacles that you haven’t experienced on the road.

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Installing a Suspension Lift Kit: Make Off-Roading an Option

30 Jul 4x4 suspension kit

There’s nothing more intimidating for a big rig not to be able to traverse safely in off-road conditions. Even if you have a 4×4, if your vehicle doesn’t have enough ground clearance for the terrain you’re trying to drive it on you can end up damaging the vehicle’s undercarriage. This is easily resolvable with a suspension lift kit as it helps increase ground clearance which makes it not only safer but also a lot easier to go over rough terrain. A suspension lift kit helps provide a higher level of robustness meaning, your new suspension will be able to take a beating. Since your vehicle is going to sit higher, its performance will be far better as this way you will have higher traction and the option to put larger wheels.

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Roof Racks: Bring More Stuff on Your Next Trip

20 Jul car roof basket

Traversing vast lands or spending a night in the Aussie outback, requires bringing a whole lot of equipment, sometimes even more than you think. No matter how long your trip or your stay in the wild is when travelling with a vehicle one thing is for sure, you’ll need enough space to fit everything in. When this isn’t the case though one quite simple yet useful solution is always on the horizon – a roof rack. Roof racks make use of the top of your vehicle to provide additional space for your luggage and equipment. The best thing about them is that they are available in different versions so no matter what type of vehicle you have you’ll be able to install one on. With a roof rack you can also open up more space in the back of your vehicle so your friends can have a more comfortable ride.

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The Properties of Aluminium Tape That Make It Stand Out From Other Tapes

17 Jul PSA-aluminum foil insulation tape

Aluminium foil tape combines the weather-resistant sealing properties of adhesive tapes and the versatility of aluminium, making it one of the most widely used types of tape across a variety of industries today, including construction, manufacturing, automotive, HVAC industry, etc. Due to its great moisture and chemical resistance, light and heat reflectance, thermal conductivity, flame resistance and weatherability, it’s a great fit for many different applications. But what exactly is aluminium foil insulation tape? Continue reading

The Workings of Holden Cooling Systems Explained

20 Mar

holden cooling system

A typical Holden 4 cylinder engine cruising on the highway at around 80 km/h will produce around 4.000 controlled explosions a minute inside the engine. Obviously, with these explosions comes a great amount of heat, which if not controlled will completely destroy the engine in a few minutes. And that’s where cooling systems come into play. Cooling systems have remained almost the same since the 20s. And while they’ve become infinitely more efficient and reliable at doing their job, they still consist of liquid coolants circulating through the engine, then to the radiator where they’re cooled by the air stream entering through the Holden’s front grille. Continue reading

A Guide to Buying Replacement Brake Pads for Your BMW

22 Jan brake pads bmw

The brakes on your BMW are the most important safety aspect of your vehicle, and what many people don’t know is that braking systems have a part that wears out as it gets put through more use – brake pads. Having brake pads that are in proper working condition will help your BMW get the most performance out of its braking system, which is why once your stock ones wear out, it’s important to get a worthy replacement. Brake pads are used together with disc brakes. They feature two pads and a caliper, so when you hit the brake pedal, the brake fluid is forced to move through the caliper, pressing the pads against the rotor and forcing your car to slow down and eventually stop.

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Installing Common Toyota Land Cruiser Accessories

10 Jan toyota land cruiser accessories parts

Toyota’s nearly 70 years old Land Cruiser series has been the company’s take on the off-road vehicle and today the newest edition of this model comes both as an SUV and a Ute version. The SUV version usually comes with 8 seats a, V-8 engine and a fuel economy of 18 L/100km, whilst the Ute version comes with 2 seats, a turbo-diesel V8 engine and a fuel economy of 11.5 L/100km. You may not need the following accessories on the Ute version as much as you would on the SUV but you can never go wrong by installing just some of them.

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